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Vesdra with Claws - Lady Orc Shaman/Druid

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  • SW10024
  • Throgar the Chainbreaker - Orc Barbarian Hero Champion of the Orc barbarians. Togheter with Vesdra, the brave shaman who healed his wounds, he's ready to lead his Orcs and gets his revenge against the Depth Ones. This set includes: -1 highly detailed Orc Barbarian Hero.
Vesdra the Shaman - Lady Orc Shaman/Druid Spiritual leader of her Clan, Vesdra... more
Product information "Vesdra with Claws - Lady Orc Shaman/Druid"

Vesdra the Shaman - Lady Orc Shaman/Druid
Spiritual leader of her Clan, Vesdra is a powerful shaman and druid that doesn't think twice before charging her foe using her sharp claws!

Bases available seperately.

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