Abyss Demon Gruntiling - B

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Abyss Demon Gruntiling - B Despite being the lowest rank infantry of the Demon King... more
Product information "Abyss Demon Gruntiling - B"

Abyss Demon Gruntiling - B

Despite being the lowest rank infantry of the Demon King Baalzrodan, the crazy Gruntlings of the Abyss are tremendously shrewd and lethal at the same time. They usually assault their enemies in large numbers, usually supported by one or more shamans of the same race. Use this "kit" to recreate any sort of demon infantry troop or shaman using the balljointed weapons provided.

Bases available seperately.

Model comes unassembled with a blister of equipment (e.g.: weapons, fists, warbanner, etc.) (balljoints for assembly).

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